Brecon Square Award Winning Brecon Brewing Kilverts Hotel
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Brecon Inns

Brecon Inns is an offshoot of Brecon Brewing.
Having celebrated our second year of trading at The Brecon Tap, we have now handed over running of the Brecon Tap & The Kilverts Hotel to our area manager William Phillips under a new company name of Brecon n Hay Tap ltd.
Will is planning to carry on with the popular Pie and Pint set up that The Brecon Tap has been providing before, however, the business will be going through a few changes in the next month or so.



The Brecon Taps feature a range of Brecon Brewing beers as well as guests from far and wide (though predominantly Wales).



Only the best quality wines are offered - but at reasonable prices. Enjoy a glass with your meal or buy a bottle to take home.



We have some good friends who are producing world class spirits right here in Wales so expect the unusual alongside the more regular brands.



Simple, locally sourced and very tasty! The house speciality - our Famous Brecon Pies - generously filled, with traditional side dishes, to make a hearty meal. And of course a terrific Sunday lunch...



We will be hosting regular special events throughout the year. More information can be found by following us on Facebook or Twitter.



The Tap Shop - your chance to take home the fine products on sale at the bar, featuring an extensive range of Welsh bottled beers, wines and spirits... and of course those pies.

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