The Hay Tap at Kilverts Hotel

Good news! We’ve found a venue for Tap No 2 and once again we are seeking local support.

The Company

Brecon Inns is an offshoot of Brecon Brewing, an independent brewery established in July 2011. The brewery was set up by 3 people with vast knowledge and experience of the pub and brewing industries and has earned a reputation for quality, innovative beers.
The now famous Brecon Tap was the next logical step.....

What does Brecon Inns seek from contributors?

We seek to finance the opening of our second bar, The Kilverts Hotel in Hay, by our unique form of crowd-funding. Please note that this is not an investment. Contributors do not receive shares or interest. Nor will we be repaying anyone in cash. Rather, we offer contributors 50% of the value of their ‘investment’ in goods each year for FIVE years.

The Rewards

Your contribution to Brecon Inns gets the The Hay Tap project rolling. In return, as soon as it is open, you’ll receive a loyalty card with 50% of the value of your contribution pre-loaded (or added to your existing card) which you can than ‘spend’ in either of the Taps or at the brewery. On each of the next four anniversaries of your contribution, we’ll credit the same sum to your card.

Effectively a 250% return!

The New Bar

Regulars at The Brecon Tap are well aware of the levels of service & welcome and the excellent food and drinks. We are extending these facilities to The Kilverts Hotel in Hay. We anticipate trading from April 2017

The Management

The Hay Tap at Kilverts Hotel will once again be driven by Duncan Ward, drawing on his extensive experience in the pub trade. Over a 20+ year period he operated five pubs in different parts of the UK, all gaining entry to CAMRA’s highly respected Good Beer Guide.

He has industry recognised qualifications in cellar management, staff training, marketing etc and holds a Wine & Spirit Education Trust Diploma. We’ll also be seeking staff of similar calibre to the Brecon Tap - difficult we know but only the best will do!

So, What do you think?

I can assure you that there are no catches (believe me we’ve tried hard to find one).

I’ve checked with the FSA - no problems there either.

If you’d like to be included, we’re seeking a minimum of £100 per contributor but if you’re likely to frequent the bar or order regularly from the brewery, perhaps you might estimate how much you’re likely to spend in a year... and then double it!

However, Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns - 01874 620800 or

To make your contribution, please read the legal stuff, then fill out the online form.

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